Wherever there is inspiration, there is “The Shepherdoo”.

So I was invited to do a food review at this inspiring restaurant and lounge located at the doorstep of Klang city centre.


Snuggled in a romantic little garden right in front of the Centro Mall amidst the hustle and bustle of the Klang city, the Shepherdoo restaurant is just the perfect place for you to dine comfortably with your friends and family.

Especially when you have a crave for some Modern Latin American food, Pasta, Fajitas, Steak, Fish and chips, or even the mouth-watering Mexican Pizza!


Owh yes! They serve them all!

They serve them all not only with an undeniably good taste, but also with an affordable price that we all will definitely enjoy!

Was on my way to Klang. Went early to avoid the massive jam where the evening sun was still blazing.


So here we are at the first garden concept restaurant and lounge in the “Bakuteh City”!

I adore the cute and recognizable logo. A furry little sheep that winks!

Can’t help but already fell in love with the glass house concept before I step foot in it.

So pretty that I couldn’t stop thinking about bringing my girls here to have dinner!

The other half of it is the garden itself! Beautifully lighten up with little starry lights all over.

Romantic, isn’t it?


There is the tiny little bridge for you to cross over and into the glass house.

While you can see cute fishes swimming freely in the crystal clear water.


Another angle where you can see the Federal Highway.

I don’t know about you but I do enjoy looking at fast driving cars on the road.

Starry starry lights under the dark blue sky.

In between the glass house and the garden.

Comfortable sofas for you to sink in and chill.


The open concept kitchen inside the glass house.

The chefs were busy preparing food while the cleaner in blue helps cleaning up whatever that is necessary.

No wonder the kitchen is in such an apple-pie order!

The dedicated and passionate young chefs.


Right behind the dark red rose.

The bar that serves their customores with all sorts of beverages.

The professional bartender.

We were warmly-welcomed by the young owner, Kian and were brought to be seated right in the garden and next to the bar.


Small world or not, I was then told that Kian is actually a friend of one of my close friend who is currently in London.


And then I got to know that Kian gained his F&B experience when he was working part time in several well-known restaurants while he was studying in the UK.


Truly inspirational ain’t it?


Varieties of beverages like smoothies and cocktails were then served by their friendly and courteous staff.


They were all so thirst-quenching and refreshing! Just perfect for the warm weather we are having all year long!

The minute you took the first sip, your lips are glued. To the straw.



Oh did you know?

Shepherdoo offers their customers with “Buy one cocktail and get another free” during Happy Hour daily (until 9pm).




Here comes the Tapas and Starters!

The Creamy Mushroom Soup that looks like a hot cup of latte, with a thin slice of garlic toast.


Hand folded tortilla toasted on the char-gril Mexican style, filled with garlicky wild mushrooms and cheese.

Mexican Pizza

Tortilla crust with marinara red sauce, tomatoes, grilled peppers and onions topped with mozzarella cheese.

My favorite Tobasco sauce that went well with my food.



Then comes the traditional main dish!

Chicken Parmigiana Ala Mexicano

Breaded chicken breast baked with red tomato sauce and melted cheese with a side of curly fries and fresh greens.

The Salmon Steak with their amazing homemade sauce.

Shepherdoo’s Gringo Burger

Juicy beef burger patty made from South American topside, turkey bacon, egg and melted cheddar cheese.

Char-grilled Argentina Sirloin Steak

Fine cut Argentina sirloin seasoned and flame grilled, served with salad and mash potato, served with smoky barbeque sauce.

Caribbean Chicken Corta

Crispy chicken with mash potato, salad and homemade sauce.



Modern Latin Pasta!


Song Of The Sea

A special seafood pasta with chef’s homemade red sauce.

Pasta Ala Pollo

Mexican rubbed chicken breast, grilled to perfection caramelized pineappe and tomato salsa on a bed of sauteed spinach pesto pasta.

Diggin’ in the big feast!

My plate of Pasta Ala Pollo. *slurps*



Now what’s a perfect meal without the desserts?

I’ve a sweet tooth, dessert is a must!

The talented chefs then came out to introduce themselves to us!

Young and handsome, aren’t they?

Kevin, the head chef (left) and his team.


Last but not least, bottles of German beers were served to end our incredibly delicious meal.

I especially like the bottle!

Kian told me to take it back home as a souvenir, and it’s still in my car. *laughs*

Beer drinking definitely goes well with a basket full of crunchy nachos!


A group picture of Kian (far right) and all his devoted staffs.



Oh Shepherdoo!

Definitely another reason for me to head down to Klang more often now.



The Shepherdoo Restaurant and Lounge

Entrance-Forecourt, G Floor, Centro Mall

No.8, Jalan Batu Tiga Lima, 41300 Klang.

Contact No. 03-33415828/03-33445829

Email: inspiration.ice@gmail.com