Thanks to Advertlets, I was invited to attend the launch of Celmonze’s latest skin care product, ‘GENETIQUE’, at an exclusive closed door event together with celebrity Chermaine Poo and other beautiful bloggers to witness how this breakthrough product is applied and showed instant results.


Celmonze was established in Paris, in 1980, by a team of specialists who have had years of research and development experience in the cosmetology industry around Asia, Europe, America and South Pacific for many years before beginning the story of Celmonze Paris at Celmonze International Laborataries (Celmonze IL).


Celmonze points confidently to GENETIQUE Stem Cell Synthesis: A potent youth-extension beauty solution based on nature’s DNA, a regenerative plant stem cell extract from a rare Swiss Apple, the Uttwiler Spatlauber.


Found only in Switzerland, at one point, only three of this endangered apple tree species remained. Dubbed the ‘Super Apple’ by Vogue, it has a regenerative ability to heal its skin if punctured while still on the tree. Once harvested, it outlasts ordinary apples for months!


Adealine Wong, Celmonze Training Manager said, “The apple is still too rare to be eaten. Fortunately, Celmonze has found a way to tap into nature’s genes for youthful longevity, resulting in the GENETIQUE Stem Cell Synthesis.”


Similar to human skin cells, the Swiss apple’s plant stem cells are proven to boost up cellular healing and renewal process.


So we can look YOUNGER, for LONGER.


Always true to their philosophy of giving the best products to loyal customers, Celmonze only provides the most innovated and clinically proven treatments for customers to enjoy. Besides Home Use Skincare and SPA Body Care, Celmonze provides as well Professional Multi-Cabin Salon Therapy where a comprehensive range of skincare solutions to be administered by qualified beauty therapist.


At the launch, GENETIQUE was demonstrated by Celmonze Training Manager, Adealine Wong. Guests were privileged to witness the instant results of the product. And the girls just loved it!


The girls were so excited for the GENETIQUE facial treatment. To understand how this works, we need to know that as we grow older, our skin’s ability to renew itself slows down, leading to more wrinkles and lines. Add daily stress and harmful exposure to pollution to the mix and we’ll see pre-mature and accelerated aging signs.


Launching the product with the campaign line ‘Mystique of Youth Renewed’, Wong explains the idea behind it, “We believe your true age can remain a mystery, thanks to renewed skin cells with boosted endurance. Resulting in younger looking skin, for longer.”


Besides the launching and the demonstration that showed incredibly good visible results, we, the guests were also treated to a complimentary GENETIQUE facial treatment and a goodie bag that includes Celmonze GENETIQUE facial voucher that worth RM598! *screams*


Oh definitely time to be pampered again. =)


For you girls out there who are also interested to look younger for longer, GENETIQUE Stem Cell Synthesis is now available as facial treatments and home retail products in Celmonze’s affiliated beauty outlets located near you.


For further enquiries, please contact 03-7725 9925 or www.celmonze.com






Always yours truly, Esty.