The Body Shop

Support AIDS Day

1st December 2010


Attended The Body Shop’s AIDS Awareness Campaign launch on the 25th of November, 2010 at Fahrenheit88.

The bestie Shantee Lim upon arrival.

Guest Book

A total of 42 local celebrities participated and spreading their messages on calenders and cards, supporting World AIDS Day.

The Red Ribbons

AIDS Aware badges

Condoms for safe sex

Everything was well-prepared for the celebrities to sign on the ‘Support AIDS Day’ Calender.

Famous celebrities like Owen Yap, Mizz Nina, Amber Chia, Elaine Daly, Joey G, Sarah Lian and so on had their AIDS awareness messages written on the calenders.


Get them now at your nearest ‘The Body Shop’  for only RM29.90!

With the gorgeous Sarah Lian who made an appearance at the launch.





It’s World AIDS Day Today.

“Spread the MESSAGE. Not AIDS!”








Yours truly, Esty.