Was ready to attend the first yet one and only Burberry make-up / beauty cosmetics outlet launch in Isetan, KLCC. Went with my bare face, because I just couldn’t wait for Burberry’s own make-up artist to paint my face with their gorgeous cosmetics!

Felt like we were back in high school once again, no make-up no nothing. Those were our days, so different than the high school girls nowadays. Was surprised to see them with make-up when they are going to school, even dyed hair too!

How I wish I can look like the model behind. Hmm *daydreamin’*

Burberry’s very own top Make-Up artist workin’ his magic on my face

Love the mirror!

Done! Exactly what I wanted, natural and not the typical super thick make-up. And it was also my first time trying a nude coloured lipstick.

S’s turn!

Gorgeous eye shadow colour from Burberry make-up range. Super love it!

Ta-daaah! 😀

With the make-up artist

A mini photoshoot by Burberry’s own hired photographer after our makeover

We were then invited for a tea party at Chinoz, KLCC.

Gorgeous gifts for S and I from Burberry, happy us!

With the sweet Jessy

And your charming Alan Yun =)

Burberry Beauty makeup range include sheer eye shadow, effortless mascara, eye definer, lip cover, lip glow, lip definer, light glow, warm glow, beauty brush, sheer foundation, sheer powder, each covered with Burberry signature plaids pattern.


Burberry Beauty Retail Selling Price (Ringgit Malaysia)

Sheer Foundation (Luminous Fluid Foundation) 30ml – RM165

Sheer Foundation (Luminous Compact Foundation) 8g – RM180

Sheer Powder (Luminous Pressed Powder) 10g – RM185

Light Glow (Natural Blush) 7g – RM140

Warm Glow (Natural Bronzer) 10g – RM158

Lip Cover (Soft Satin Lipstick) 3.8g – RM96

Lip Glow (Natural Lip Gloss) 6ml – RM89

Lip Definer (Lip Shaping Pencil) 1.36g – RM75

Effortless Mascara (Volumnising Enhancer) 4.5ml – RM108

Sheer Eye Shadow (Eye Enhancer) 2.5g – RM105

Eye Definer (Eye Shaping Pencil) 1.36g – RM78

Beauty Kabuki Brush (Face Brush) – RM215


After we were well-introduced to the cosmetics, S and I instantly fell in love with it no doubt.

I hope you like the colours on our face.

True Burberry colours. =)

Hurry and get yourselves to KLCC now cupcakes!

Remember, there is only ONE Burberry cosmetic counter in Malaysia, and that is in Isetan, KLCC.

Beauty Love Share, Esty.