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Had a hearty hi-tea buffet at Nusantara, and off we go to visit the Philea Resort with the girls!

The weather was burning hot and it’s definitely impossible for us to walk and tour the whole resort under the blazing sun. Lucky we had buggy!

Dearest Rachel and Jayne. So glad that we were having a weekend getaway together.



The Philea Suite

Philea Resort’s 19 signature suites provides a spacious area of built-up space. Each suite comes with a bedroom that are furnished with comfortable settees. To top it off, soak in their relaxing bathtub while offering you your own exclusive TV screen!

At the door

Newspaper holder

Ahh comfy bed in the wooden log cabin, reminds me of those cowboy movies we’ve seen on TV.


The bathroom that made us go undeniably crazy. Just LOOK AT THE GORGEOUS TUB!

Rachel said it reminds her of “American Beauty”.

I wanna stay in there all day/night long. Bubble bath!

The rusty antique shower

Hello? What? It’s not a phone?


Hardwood Picnic Bench

So apparently the bench can be transformed into…

Another picnic bench without the table! 😀

Photographers taking pictures of the Philea Suite right opposite while the buggy is waiting for us.

Spot my luggage bag on the buggy! =P

 Poor Sunny Twin, waiting under the hot sun.

Off we go again to our own cabin, the Pavilion Villa!

Safely arrived, thanks to buggy driver.

Ahh..So I guess that’s me. *drags luggage up on the stairs* My roomie wasn’t there yet that time, so it was pretty much my first time checking in a hotel/resort alone. Luckily I had Rachel and Jayne who stayed in a different cabin just down the path, 15 to 20seconds of walking distance. =)

Welcome to my room!

The Pavillion Villa

The 180 available Pavillion Villas stand elegantly with a few steps of nature’s abundance and features a spacious bath, private verendahs surrounded by spectacular views and state of the art amentities to make our stay a memorable one indeed. 

A welcome letter from the resort

As I was sitting down, wanted to have a good rest and unpack my bag…someone knocked on the door

What a pleasant surprise! A basket of fresh fruits for me to choose from.

A dose of Vitamin C a day keeps the doctor away

Then we girls decided to check out and explore the resort in the evening

Facilities spotted!

Exploring the pathway to find the hidden spa

Relaxing Spa Village for the ladies. Rachel went pampering herself in the spa, while Jayne and I went to Melaka Town with the foodie boys to hunt for food.

The Philea bridge

The magnificent view of the pool down below the bridge

Got off at the end of the bridge and heading to the pool

The pool overlooking the man-made waterfall is the highlight of the resort. The flora and fauna surrounding the resort as well as fresh air are bound to put one in high spirits and relaxing swim would be a great stress reliever.

Operation Hours : 8a.m. to 8p.m. daily

Chillin’ at the pool before we went hunting for food



There you go, a mini tour of Philea Resor & Spa Melaka. Stay tuned to see how we spent the Earth Hour night in the resort! In the meantime, Thank God It’s Friday and enjoy your weekend.

Love you cupcakes! Rushin’ out now, bye. =)

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