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Just as I was happily shopping online, hopping from webstores to blogshops, I received an email alert from HiShop.my! Immediately, I clicked on the attached link in order to check it out. And to my surprise, it’s an online shopping website which sells only branded goods. CHEAP branded goods!

HiShop is Malaysia’s premier members-only shopping club. Members are granted exclusive access to their online private sales of branded goods ranging from ready-to-wear garments, handbags, accessories and home furnishing at up to 80% discount. Their branded goods and limited edition items are carefully selected and come with a 100% authenticity guarantee, which, is pretty unbelievable!

Watch the cute video above to know more! =)

When I first landed on their page, an invitation popped-up! So I logged in using my Facebook username.

After entering all the details, HiShop.my sent me a Welcome Email to activate my membership.

Activated via email and it’s time to start browsing!

A list of “Current Sales” will be shown on the homepage. All their branded goods will only be on HiShop.my for a period of time and it will be stated right below of each brand, alerting you how many more days are there for you to purchase your favourite items.

Saw something that I like. Ahh…the famous Nooka!

So wanna get the baby blue Zub Zenh, it’s more than a hundred bucks cheaper now thanks to HiShop.my! 😀

Now, let’s take a look at Lotte Edwards’ collections, a well-known fashion brand from Cebu, The Philippines. You can check out their website here http://www.lotteedwards.com =)

Look at the gorgeous maxi! You can even zoom in the picture to get a clearer detail on the dress.

A different angle for you to see the overall design.

Another design that I adore. The Solid Maxi, in light orange. Look at the price HiShop.my offers!

And another gorgeous piece!

Oh god, I want them all!

And fret not girlies, there’s a size guide for you to choose a dress that fits perfectly!

Moving on to the cart after you choose your items.

Detailed payment method

Noticed something before heading out. You can learn about HiShop’s unique Rookie, Fashionista and Trendsetter membership levels. Click on the coloured text in the table shown on the website to learn more about the requirements and priviledges they offer. Remember to aim high and become a TRENDSETTER in order to access to their VIP sales!

Besides, there is also a blog for you to know more about the fashion brands featured on their website.

Last but not least, do check out the “Coming Soon” at the bottom of the page to see what are the upcoming brands that HiShop is working closely with to get the best deal for us. Ahh…I see Versace, Chloe, BOSS, Coach, and Jimmy effin’ Choo!

I. can’t. wait!

Shop Love Share, Esty.