The Desirable Man

So what is he like, this man? The LEGEND man does not allow himself to be described so easily. He prefers subtley to overt explanation. . .

Confident and assured, retained rather than talkative, he lives his feelings, his courage and his convictions. Yet without saying a word, we sense his purpose and commitment, his taste for the authentic, his love for passion and pleasure.

This naturally, effortlessly virile man, as seen by Mont Blanc, is embodied by the British Simon Clark and photographed by the German Peter Lindbergh. The power of black and white, the simplicity of the image, the understated elegance of the roll-neck sweater.  

This is one of those men who create their own legend.

The gorgeous Emily Lim

With the host of the launch, Sean Lee.

 Everyone’s favourite Zoey Rahman

 The Reminiscence to authenticity and expertise 

Isaac Ong

Jocelyn Coco

Ian Ong

LEGEND simultaneously express strength and softness; clarity and mystery. This very masculine yet subtle perfume, created by Olivier Pescheux, belongs to the fougere fragrance family. It firmly makes its presence felt without ever becoming astentatious.

The first notes are lightly aromatic: Lavender, essential in the fougere construction, is clearly recognisable. Bergamot from Calabria and Litsea Cubeba, or “exotic verbena”, further enhance the extreme freshness of this lively opening.

The middle notes vibrate intensely: Evernyl, a molecule very reminiscent of oakmoss, deploys its warm sensuality and depth. “I wanted it to be the true heart of the formula”, explains Oliver, “So I was very generous with it.”

Pomarose, an ingredient created using the very latest technology, has facets that liken it to both a rose and an apple. Combined with Geranium, Pomarose definitely gives the fragrance a modern edge.

A blend of sensuality and harmony complete the fragrance. No fougere could ever be without Coumarin, the inimitable “half-hay, half-biscuit” note that is the main constituent of the Tonka Bean. Combined with a touch of Sandalwood, the final impression is one of a very irresistible yet personal adventure.


The name says it all: Mont Blanc Legend.

 Inspiration, virtuosity, and vitality. Explore the new Mont Blanc Legend now. =)