A beautiful boat of Sashimi Moriawase and Temaki

Price: RM150 / RM190

Fresh sashimis specially imported from Norway to ensure good quality food for their customers.

Kofuku Maki

Price: RM35

California Roll

Price: RM18

Kaki Motoyaki

Price: RM48

Chawan Mushi

Price: RM25


Price: N/A

The elegantly spacious Kofuku, with a nice Japanese garden right next to it.

The chef’s corner

Chef in action!

Grilled crunchy shrimp heads that smelled really good!

It’s time to have my delightful Japanese dinner with the culinary crews

First up for appetizer. The Kaki Motoyaki is just amazingly delicious! Freshly baked oysters and the cheese on top just melted with it the second I put it in my mouth. Everyone went “Oishii!” after the first shell fish. 😀

Sashimis! Chef Amy Zakaria, the sous chef of Kofuku who was dining with us at the table taught us that we should eat the Tuna sashimi first before we salivate the others.

Mmm…a little yummylicious surprise served in front of me.

Look at my hearty plate of Teppayanki Moriawase! They were so many delicious little Teppanyaki food in it, heartwarming indeed! *hearts*

Crunchy grilled prawns that I couldn’t had enough.

Teppanyaki chicken cubes

A big piece of grilled Salmon that I thought it was a little too tough, but still okay. 🙂

Teppanyaki beef cubes that I love dipping into the Japanese sauce. Yum!

Oh just look at those fat juicy fresh scallops! They’re as good as how it looks, maybe better!! 😀

Fresh little Japanese mushrooms

Tempura Moriawase

Price: RM38

One of the best tempura I’ve tasted.

Japanese Sake to go along with our delightful dinner

We deserved desserts, especially after the wonderful meal.

I’m not a big fan of green tea ice-cream, but this scoop of their homemade dessert is so good that I licked it off clean! Creamy, milky and not overly sweet, just nice for me to enjoy my plate of dessert.

The VIP chopsticks, very well-kept in a cupboard.

Aha! VVVIP spotted. 🙂

The three master chefs of Kofuku

The dedicated and passionate culinary team of Kofuku in Seri Pacific hotel.





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Here’s a short video where the chef did a little flaming performance for us, and also let us teach you how to drink Miso soup the correct way! Enjoy 🙂


Eat Love Share, Esty.