It’s been really really difficult for me to go through those suffering days last week knowing that my blog was NOT there anymore, completely vanished with a full page of the Domain Registrar advertising and asking net surfers if they were interested to buy domain names or not since yourEsty.com was EXPIRED. Technically, I can just renew the damn thing within seconds, but since mine was sponsored, I didn’t have the account to log in and pay.  Worst of all, I couldn’t find Jay – the guy who manages the domain and resides in US. I was radically LOST and helpless that time you have NO idea, wishing every second that I can teleport myself to Iowa straight and look for the missing Jay (and…you know, maybe do some traveling and shopping there after that heh :P).

Repeating the whole story over and over again to those who concerned and asked (besides having all the ridiculous bubble thoughts) wasn’t helping much either. In fact, I almost got to the point where I was thinking of giving up. But NO, I can’t live without my little e-diary here I grasped. This is where my heart belongs most of the time. ALL of the time if I must admit.

So the story continues when I tweeted the Domain Registrar (where my domain name was bought) and seek for help. To my surprise, their customer service was pretty good. They asked for my number and called me within half an hour, from The States! I spoke to Corey, the guy who handled my case and he was incredibly nice guiding me step by step on what I should do to transfer to a new account. Even waited for me on the line while I was filling up the e-form. Kind of an awkward moment, since both of us weren’t talking.

So anyway, as I was waiting for the form to be processed within 3 days, guess who finally contacted me? Yeap…JAY!!! Super thrilled! Like, I can FINALLY SEE THE LIGHT and it is a HAPPY ENDING after all thank God! 😀

Eah well…yourEsty.com is back alive and kickin’! *claps claps* I have so many outfit posts, food reviews, events and beauty advertorials to share with you and I don’t even know where to start now, uh-oh. 🙁 All these pending posts will be coming up real soon I promise, but just bear with me a little if I couldn’t find the time to post an entry each day aite? Smile


I love you guys and Happy Holidays !

Squeezy hugs and kisses, Esty.