The first love bite is most remembered and the craving for more can go a long way. Trishna restaurant tells a tale of love for Northern Indian Cuisine. This restaurant captures a conceptual love story between man and good food. Each of its dishes is interestingly cooked with garden-fresh spices and natural ingredients to capture its best original taste.

First up! The famous yoghurt drink which we called the “Lassi”. Sweet and Mango Lassi are two of the most common ones, but have you tried Salted Lassi before? My first time trying and it was remarkably good!

Their Papadum is different than the others I must say. Every crunchy piece of it is flavoured with Indian spices instead of just a thin layer of crispy flour.

Not forgetting to drizzle some refreshing mint sauce on it! *crunch*

Murgh Malai Tikka

Tender and juicy chicken cutlet marinated with yoghurt and cheese, perfectly grilled in a tandoor (clay oven).

Price: RM16.00

iRate: 8/10

Amritsari Fish

Boneless fish spiced with fresh herbs from the land of Punjab.

Price: RM17.00

iRate: 7/10

Hara Bhara Kabab

Vegetarian bites with healthy and aromatic ingredients.

Price: RM15.00

iRate: 7/10

Vegetables and spices in it

A heaping basket of freshly-baked Naan for us to eat along with the upcoming Indian dishes.

Garlic Naan

Price: RM8.00

Plain Naan

Price: RM4.00

Tandoori Naan

Price: RM4.00

Dal Tadka

A popular dish of thick stew with the lentils as the main ingredient.

Price: RM16.00

iRate: 7/10

Jeera Rice

With ‘Jeera’ the Hindi word for Cumin seeds, this warm bowl of fragrant basmati rice is just too addictive to eat with all the creamy curry dishes.

Price: RM7.00

iRate: 8/10

The fluffy long grain rice

Goan Fish Curry

A sinfully delicious plate of fish curry cooked with fresh coconut milk.

Price: RM18.00

iRate: 8/10

Kadai Chicken

Tender roasted chicken with capsicum and onion with special spice

Price: RM18.00

iRate: 7/10

Saag Paneer

A classic North Indian dish of creamy spinach with chunks of cottage cheese

Price: RM16.00

iRate: 8/10

Bhindi Masala

Sauteed ladies fingers with a blend of spices

Price: RM13.00

iRate: 7/10

Mine! A mixture of everything.

The mastermind of this Indian dine-in venue is the lovely couple, Benny and Neeta Bedi who has been married for 28 years. Here’s the playful Benny who likes to joke around with us when we were having a delightful Indian feast. We all had a great time indeed!

More delicious add-ons!

Stuffed Tangdi Kebab Special

Roasted chicken drumsticks stuffed with minced mutton

Price: RM12.00

iRate: 7/10

Evie ready to take a huge bite!

Refreshing Jal Jeera to ease our overly-stuffed tummy.

Here comes the North Indian desserts


Sugary white, cream or yellow colored flattened balls of cottage cheese soaked in clotted cream.

Price: RM10.00

iRate: 7/10

Gajar Halwa

A traditional Punjabi dessert made with shredded carrots, milk, almonds and cashew nuts.

Price: RM8.00

iRate: 7/10

Gulab Jamun

Deep-fried dough balls immersed in warm sweet syrup

Price: RM8.00

iRate: 6.5/10


Where Is Trishna Restaurant?

Hotel Istana

Level B1, West Wing,

73, Jalan Raja Chulan,

50200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603 2142 1575 / +6012 375 0412




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