Eat With Esty“, exploring the art of good eating here and there.

First up, Romanza Le Restaurant.

Malaysia’s first fine dining French Mediterranean fusion restaurant laced with a dash of Southern African flair. Build castles in the air with open wild grasslands and savannah to the Cape Coastal wine lands.

The hidden food paradise is nicely nestled in the heart of the city within the Embassies enclave along Jalan Ampang, where international sophistication and fine culinary Epistemology come together.

Modern and upbeat, perfection amalgamated with century’s of classic French Gastronomy infused with the homeliness and family love for food, fresh produce and the simplicity of flavor combinations of the Mediterranean, with a hint of wild Africa and the elegance which lies within. . . Romanza has definitely captivated the best of all worlds to produce a true dining splendor and experience for their diners.

Renowned Head Chef – Steven Kruger spawned in the heart land of Southern Africa, is a professional holder of many culinary awards for his passion, commitment, attention to details as well as producing a taste bud wonderland for all our senses with his unique style in his signature dishes.

It’s pure artistry at its finest.

Classic and elegant settings matched with an upbeat sultry ambiance of deep grooves and sexy music makes it even more tempting for us to enjoy an array of classic cocktails or Champagne in one of their lounges or bar, where we will then be taken to yet another euphoric journey to taste.

I call it the Cigar Safe!

Sexy glasses of welcoming drink were politely placed on our dining table

The bar

A pretty little birthday cake for one of their loyal customer

It was love at first sight, with the gorgeous yet romantic ambiance of the fine-dining restaurant.

An exclusive invitation to sample their specially designed Mother’s Day menu

The Gran L’Orange

Attractively rimmed with blackcurrant sugar

Licked! Yum.

Conrad, the captain.

Who delivered an unforgettable impression of serving us like a butler, with a strong British accent.

I felt like a princess that night. Or, perhaps Batman.

Amuse Bouche

Tuna Sashimi with brunoise of tomatoes, onions and plum chutney topped with Alfalfa Sprouts and Lump Fish Caviar was first served prior to our starter course of the menu.

A mouthful little cube sizes of tuna sashimi mixed with all other savory yet healthy elements that managed to give an appealing touch to my appetite. Not to mention the light saltiness of the Lumpfish Caviar that popped along perfectly with the abovementioned main ingredient that made it extra appetizing.

A perfect serve, even before starters! 🙂


Carl Jung from Germany. A genre of non-alcoholic wine.

Smells like red, taste like grape.


Gorgonzola Croquettes

Light, golden round-shape croquettes with a warm, silky Gorgonzola cheese center.

Served with pear puree, roasted pears, crisp salad leaves and roasted walnuts.

Gorgonzola is the Italian version of blue cheese. Very strong in flavor. And it was just extremely perfect to have the warm creamy texture melted in my mouth when I first sunk my teeth into the crispy outer layer of the golden croquettes. Moreover, I love how thoughtful it is to have the crisp salad leaves aside that gave an even combination to ease out my tastebud for having 3 flavorful cheese balls for starters.


Did you notice that my starter is actually placed on a heavy piece of black rectangular tile instead of . . . a plate? Surprised

Another choice of starters to choose from.

Duo of Chicken

Master stock chicken roulade served on a bed of Kimchi and topped with crisp leeks, accompanied by liver pate and also strawberry salsa.

If you were to ask me to choose between one, I would definitely prefer Duo of Chicken. Bite sized pieces of marinated chicken roulade that were extremely tender and juicy made me fall in love right away. And I am a total sucker for liver pate. The buttery flavor and creaminess texture is just additive!


Homemade Bread

Lightly heated with baby cherry tomatoes and feta cheese.

Just so you know, I love bread. And this hot off the oven homemade bread was so good I couldn’t get enough of it that whole night. And mind you, it is not just about baking the bread but doing it the right way. And their way of doing it, is just incredible! 😀


The Palate Cleanser

Refreshing passion fruit sorbet with lime yoghurt and apple chip!

Lamb Shank

Slow braised, served on spring onion pomme puree, carrot emulsion and seasonal vegetables topped with crushed minted peas, finished off with thyme jus.

The tender, braised lamb shank – among the best I have eaten, is cooked to perfection. The accompanying rich flavorful sauce marinated all over the meat is just simply delectable. Even the pomme puree, scented with spring onion, is wonderful.


Jade Perch

Pan seared. With pomme puree, Thai red curry sauce, mango salsa, seasonal vegetables and crisp leeks!

A must try. The sweet, moist flesh of the extremely fresh Jade Perch is coated with an intense yet refreshing layer of Thai red curry sauce and little cube sizes of mango salsa.

Next question, “only 2 pieces?”


Blackcurrant Marinated Duck Breast

Pomme fondant, accompanied by a confit duck leg croquette, marinated red cabbage, steamed vegetables and sauteed musrooms, finished with redcurrant jus!

My favorite has always been the traditional roasted duck that can be found in many Chinese restaurants, and I have never tried a dish that have duck cooked in different methods. Although it’s the duck breast that the chef used, but the interestingly marinated with blackcurrant duck meat was undeniably soft and tender. Every morsel of it was satisfaction, with a hint of fruity sweetness that comes from within.


I was all excitedly ready to sample the three mains!

Dessert to satisfy the sweet tooth!

Milk Chocolate Marquee

With ruby red raspberry sorbet and chocolate tuiles as well as pistachio crumbs.

A dessert that gives many different textures of sweet intensity while we savor. The buttery and creamy texture of the milk chocolate mousse cake, the light and sourly refreshing ruby red raspberry sorbet, chocolate tuiles that melt beautifully in my mouth, crunchy bite sized pieces of pistachio crumbs, and last but not least a thin layer of crispy apple chip.

An interesting finale to the most memorable dinner indeed. 🙂


The manager then told us about Biltong (shown above) when we were having a chatty wine session after dinner.

A type of South African cured meat that was popularly used in most of their dishes.

Addictively chewy! Sourish too. 😀


A hot cup of cappuccino to keep me awake for better digestion

Wasn’t feeling quite well that night, and I was strongly encouraged by the restaurant manager to down a mouthful of warmly heated Cognac to kill the germs in my body. Moreover, he repeatedly assured me that I will get well and running again the next day!

And so I obeyed.





How Much Is The Mother’s Day Fine-Dining Menu?

It is priced at RM130++ per person.

Kids a la carte menu is also available.

For reservations or enquiries please call Jo at 03-4245 6059 or email

Doors open at 12pm.

Please book a table in advance to avoid disappointment.


Love , Passion , Excellence!

A brain child of love, style and passion Romanza is all in one the complete dining experience of service excellence.

GPS Coordinates: 3.159981, 101.728742



Eat Love Share, Esty.