Bought Bubbles a new pink polka dots pillow, a pink toy and two polka dots collar (in pink & baby blue). Super cute!

That’s her Cinderella bed by the way.

It’s transparent. Tongue out

And candylicious pink with sparkling diamante for my nails this month.Smile

My left hand.

There are three different gel colors altogether.

My new pink and furry bunny pouch!

Guess what’s it for? Smile

To keep my little Carefree panty liners.

Extremely cute and so much more easier for me to carry them in my bag. 🙂

Ohh OHH! Pink roses for my bedroom too!! Laughing

Skipping Hennessy V.S.O.P New Pack launching event at DoubleTree Hotel and staying in on a Friday night.

And there’s another two other events that I am supposed to attend tomorrow – Lancome’s “Rouge in Love” party in the morning, and “Project Black Inspiration Limited Edition Bottle” launch event by Johnnie Walker at night.

I need to recover soon. Cry

Aww..warms my heart to see how much she adores her new pillow.




Good night pumpkins.

Kisses, Esty.