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GUINNESS Arthur’s Day returns once again to Malaysia with bold new celebrations as we raise our glasses for the fourth annual Arthur’s Day. As before, Arthur’s Day celebrates the signing of the 9,000 year lease on the St James’ Gate brewery by Arthur Guinness over 250 years ago.

This year, GUINNESS is going back to our roots as we celebrate the boldness and the genius of the man who laid the foundations for the world’s favorite black brew. Arthur’s Day 2012 will see GUINNESS emulating the boldness of Arthur Guinness by giving GUINNESS fans a new and fresh celebration.

Was glad to be exclusively invited to attend the launch party of Arthur’s Day 2012 at Studio Lounge, Tropicana City Mall last Thursday.

A mobile Arthur’s Lounge right at the party. Classy!

Good-looking GUINNESS male models teaching us guests how to pour our own pint of draught

Patience needed for a good pint of Guinness. Not easy!

The second pint. *shyyy*

I passed. Jyeah!

Was also there to support the performance of our naut buddy from BOB band

“Be good, students!” said the teacher.

One of the singer of the night. Such an adorable doll!

Our friend Collin from CCH rocking’ hard on stage

“To Arthur!” we cheered.

Bb & I

Look at the happy crowd behind us 😀

with Shantee and Jynn in front of Arthur’s Lounge

“It was love at first sip”

Oh definitely.




Photos credit to Tim, Simon & Dusty.







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