When J told me he wants to bring me along to Paris for their French Open tournament last Autumn, my heart was tearing with joy. I have already missed a trip to Taiwan with my family at the beginning of the year when I still couldn’t face the world after the distressing break-up of an 8 years relationship that I am sure many of you are aware of. Now that I have a chance to go travel again before the year ends, I would really love to start fresh and continue living life to the fullest.

Hence, Paris meant a lot. . . what more a city of love that belongs to every girl’s dream.

J is Cupid-sent.

The best boyfriend that anyone could ever ask for ever since we started our new chapter together. :’)

Our first trip was to Singapore during one of the weekends with some close friends. It was awesome no doubt, strolling down the streets in the city and of course, visiting the well-known Marina Bay Sands. But we still missed the chance to Universal Studio though as the weather wasn’t quite good and our time there was pretty limited.

Well anyway, I MUST show you Paris! Smile

It was a super long flight! From KL to Doha, then transiting to Paris. Luckily there was unlimited in-flight entertainment and my seductive pages of Fifty Shades of Grey. *coughs*

Zombie Attack!

The only time I went crazy was when I couldn’t sleep comfortably. Airbus or not, I can never fall asleep peacefully on a flight. Probably the insecurity feeling knowing that you are in the mid air, or maybe the smell of the passenger seats that I can never get used to. . . they smell like puke all the time I wonder why.

And finally, we arrived Paris after God-knows-how-many-hours! And that was our cozy little service apartment that costs around RM5000 a week if I’m not wrong. All the players who went for the tournament were staying at the same hotel and it was really fun cos we could run around to each other’s rooms and go out touring the city together.

Couldn’t quite remember but it should be in the middle of the night or near dawn when we arrived.

I was basically like a dead fish then.

Unpacked my luggage to get myself washed up so that I could hit the sack as soon as I can. My VS travel toiletries pouch has always been the most precious item in the big luggage, couldn’t leave without it whenever I am on a trip.

It comes with a hanger. One of the best and most useful thing I have ever gotten myself, and it’s so pretty!




The Next Day

Everyone woke up hungry after a good night sleep. We walked out of the apartment and down the road to see if there’s any restaurants around but it was quite quiet. And this Chinese restaurant suddenly popped out of nowhere, happily welcoming us with its mouth-watering Asian dishes at the window display. I was actually hoping for a nice French meal for my first brunch in Paris, but what-the-heck those varieties of hot-off-the-kitchen dishes were I R R E S I S T I B L E !


Cafe Francais

We quickly chose a nice spot and ordered ourselves cups of hot Cappuccino after a heavy scrumptious brunch at the Chinese restaurant earlier.

Pink for me and Tiffany green for J.

Not too sure why they placed a straw in a hot beverage like this. We were basically served with question marks and a curious look also but we didn’t bother to ask. Ain’t easy to communicate with the French you see.


Chilly breezy weather + hot cup of Cappuccino + Paris!, what more can one ask for?

We walked back to the apartment after coffee, and stopped by a grocery store to stock up some food for the week.

The essential bread, butter and strawberry jam etc. Yummm! Tongue out


A luxury Mercedes taxi with an old driver who looked just like a butler, I felt like a princess right away.

Off we go to the famous Lafayette Gallery, a shopping mall where everyone goes to when they are in Paris.

The incredibly beautiful interior of the shopping mall

Way up high to the glass roof

Every part of it was so detailed.


The centre court with branded cosmetic booths

Gorgeous black tutu tube dress by Guerlain

Next to Lafayette is a huge H&M store. But I was reluctant to go in since we already have one in KL, and the stuffs that they’re selling were more to winter wear.

Architecture along the street

We then strolled further until we reached a nice sidewalk cafe





Ordered myself a teapot of hot Jasmine tea

Something that I noticed, it’s always Cafes Richard for all the tea sets in Paris. No matter which cafes you walk in to, they are all using the same brand.

J decided to have another cup of hot coffee

Such a blissful moment enjoying every precious second and moment of our time in the beautiful city

We then took another Parisian taxi to Avenue des Champs-Elysees, the legendary street in the heart of Paris.


Feeling extremely excited when I started to see rows of designers stores. Time to shop! ^.^

Oh heaven!

J and I at Prada for men, looking for a pair of leather shoes.

Pretty sleek


Ended up bringing back their latest design for Fall/Winter2012.

Black leather for him and maroon suede for me! *happy girl*


There goes my very first day of Paris!

Will try to update more soon aite 😉