Lethal Kisses: Girls & Sundays

It’s been quite sometime now. . .having a weekly dose routine meeting up with Queen S and the other besties every Sunday for brunch, tea and dinner to catch up and talk about all the #firstworldproblems we girls have.

Feels really nice to just sit down at a cozy cafe restaurant enjoying our meals sipping coffee under the sunny yet windy weather, and relax ourselves before the hectic week starts again.

Took some pretty good pictures with my i5 yesterday, so I decided to post them up on the blog.

Hmmm. . . come to think of it, I should probably bring my DSLR next time.

Instead of having coffee like the usual days, I opt for glasses of fresh oranges this time.

Ox Tongue Sandwich that S ordered.

I tried, and it was incredible even though it might sound a little eeky. Never occur to me that the meat can be so soft and tender while it blends perfectly well with the mustard spread on top. Great choice!

Aivee went for Corned Beef sandwich with double sunny side up. One of my favourites too!

And here is mine!

I am such a loyal fan of Eggs Ben I could not resist not ordering it every single time I am there at the restaurant. The creamy hollandaise sauce, fresh crispy rocket, and generous sizes of juicy sauteed portabella. . . absolutely delicious even though it is just a vegetarian dish. Mmm yummm!

We went flower shopping after that.

So many different kinds of BEAUTIFUL fresh flowers that attract our attention.

They even have a bargain bunch if you decided to bring them home and place those lovely babies in your house

S and purple Hydrangea

Aivee and the big gorgeous Lilies

Not sure what they are called, but S said these pretty little angels can last for quite a while even if you don’t put them in the water.

Gorgeous roses to die for. How I wish I can wake put to see them everyday. Smile

Till then. . . x


On a lighter note. . .

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Luck Love & Laughter. . . Esty