It was a Raya holiday and we had no plans.

So we figured the best place to go was to head to the peaceful city, which is free from the hectic traffic for once.

We had late lunch earlier at a usual place, hence a nice cup of coffee would be perfect under the gloomy weather that evening. There are quite a few really nice cafe restaurants in the heart of the concrete jungle I heard, and we chose Acme for the first try.

Strategically located at the ground floor of Troika – a luxurious residential development which is not very far away from KLCC is the lovely Acme Bar & Coffee restaurant.

Totally admiring the modern retro details of the whole interior design: vintage tiles, wooden chairs with leather cushions, steel stools by the bar, olden lamps and et cetera.

A cafe latte for J. I looked widely at the coffee art for seconds without blinking when it was served then I turned to the waitress and asked with a smile “may I know what is this?”

“Urm. . . a bear?” she answered confidently, her gaze seemed to question my level of capability of observing and identifying an extremely simple art.

Really?? Can YOU tell it’s A BEAR??? >.<

My Cappuccino, as usual.

To be honest, I don’t quite know how to taste a good cup of coffee or not nowadays ever since J bought a Nespresso coffee machine from Amsterdam that always makes us cups of super good and incredibly aromatic kind of coffee. Can be really addictive I kid you not.

“Light as air” Pavlova. My first time trying it and I fell in love RIGHT AWAY cos first of all, I don’t take a great degree of sweet stuff but their Pavlova is just nice for my tastebuds.

His favourite too

My usual crossbody that everyone loves =)

M i x & M a t c h // spirited colours





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