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Yes, you saw it right.




“No more tears. Ah, a lovely promise but one beyond the powers of a mere shampoo.” Another classic line from an upset Mr. Burns in The Simpsons mocking a famous shampoo producer’s promise, but it shows once again how we relate tears to something negative. This is not the case of people who suffer from dry eyes syndrome, which is linked to a problem in the tear filter where either not enough or not the right quality of tears are produced, making the eyes dry and itchy. Good tear production is so important as they clean bacteria and irritants away from the eye, thus keeping it healthy and free from complications such as conjunctivitis.


There are additional problems for people who have both dry eyes and the need to correct their vision. The solution to dry eyes is, of course, finding a way to keep the eyes moist and producing tears. However, one of the biggest worries that people who suffer from dry eyes have had, has been with extended wear of contact lenses, in that the lenses have not been able to stay moist throughout the day. In the past we have focused on eye drops as the solution to keep the eyes wet for people wearing contact lenses, yet with extended wear contact lenses, by the end of the day it is a challenge to avoid rubbing your eyes and the dryness can even be painful in some cases.


“Can we have contact lenses for dry eyes please?”


Eye drops are still a solution, but they can be quite a hassle and are another to remember. For those who are busy, contact lenses for dry eyes which attracts moisture particles from tears throughout the day so that the eyes stay wet and clean are a great option. They are built for convenience as a disposable daily contact lens which ensures that people with dry eyes syndrome no longer need eye drops. These new moisture attracting contact lenses for dry eyes lead to the all-important healthy and white eyes, and eyes that remain comfortable throughout the whole day!







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