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First impression DOES matter.

It is often pretty difficult to find men that groom themselves well and men who will actually take good care of their face and skin.

However, one that does it well definitely has the highest attraction than anyone else wherever he goes. A good attitude comes in the package too, of course.

I mean, it can be quite ridiculous for a man to put on make-ups even the slightest bit of it. Hence taking good care of your skin is the most important part for keeping yourself looking effortlessly breathtaking.


Metrosexual vs Vanity

There is a huge gap in between these two. We obviously prefer the first than latter. A metrosexual man with taste and style does not mean that he has to be overly obsessed with himself and constantly living in vanity. People often misunderstand that metrosexual is gay but it is actually not.

Having good fashion art sense and always taking good care of your skin and face do not make you gay but on the other hand, putting on make-ups or invariably posing in front of the camera for selfies does!

Metrosexuals don’t take selfies, they love taking pictures of the surrounding and friends that many times comes with a lomography effect if you notice close enough. It is okay to be a little metrosexual and have an appropriate level of taking care of your face and skin. Trust me we girls love it!


To sum up the quick tips, here are the Top 8 Essential Care I personally think a man should have in their daily regime. Let’s start from head to toe!


1. HAIR // Wash it everyday. And visit the salon every two weeks. Or once a month, at least? Keeping your hair short, tidy and that up-to-date stylish haircut will actually make you look handsome! It plays a super important role in making yourself look good, or not.

2. FACE // Cleanse your face. And if you are not quite sure what does that mean (I get it, you are a guy.), it means WASH your face. Literally. And preferably not just water. Use a good cleanser or facial wash for men (Nivea is by far one of the best) every time you shower. It helps a lot in clearing all those dirts that got stucked in your pores since men can easily sweat and clearly, we know you would not want to apply moisturizer or any sort of protection cream on your face. Hence, cleansing is the best way to keep your skin looking fresh, healthy and radiant. Prevents aging too! 😉

3. SHAVE // Facial hair. Moustache. Beard. Shave ’em, shave ’em all! Always prefer a clean look than the wild raggedy ones. Maybe that’s just me. And that after-shave fragrance smell from the shaving cream or cooling splash you are using can be REALLY sexy.

4. TEETH & MOUTH // Brush your teeth daily with whitening toothpaste and mouthwash them as often as you can to keep your breath fresh at all times. Be well prepared with bars of bubblegums in your car just in case you are a heavy smoker or an alcoholic.

5. EAR // Clean your ears EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. after shower.

Need I say more really? :/

6. NOSTRILS HAIR // Like urm…TRIM ’em! Imagine how gross can that be if you see those hair sticking out of a woman’s nose. Yea well, same goes to you men. And lucky us, we do not usually have such long and bushy nose hair as compared to you guys.

7. DEODORANT // Know your body odor. You might not realize that you have one, so just apply or spray your underarms daily JUST TO BE SAFE. You really don’t wanna see someone having that disgusted grossed out look whenever you walk pass them.

8. NAILS // Cut ’em! It is okay to have SLIGHTLY longer nails. JUST slightly. But always ALWAYS make sure they are clean. It is not hard to keep them clean as long as you wash your hair everyday. That also means that if you have black dirty nails, we KNOW that you don’t wash your hair or shower. So yeah dirty monkey, bubbles burst aha!

Thank God I am lucky enough to have James who is very well-groomed at all times. Being an international badminton player himself sweats a lot nonetheless, hence it is extremely imperative to always keep clean and tidy just so sweating can be sexy instead of some kind of disgust. He is so physically perfect he smells good all the time and his face, is always looking so fresh and healthy. Must be the facial wash that he has been using, or maybe I am just in love like that. 🙂

Well, not asking you to be overly obsessed with yourself but just make yourself look healthy with the above quick tips I have given you. Give it a try! Perhaps start with a daily face wash to boost up that confidence. You will never know, maybe a simple start like that might lead you to the love of your life. Like I mentioned above, one of the steps to get a great looking and non-oily complexion is cleansing. Cleansing is important because it cleanses your skin to unclog all dirt, oil and impurities from your skin. It refreshes your skin and makes you look good and feel good!


Nivea Men Total Acne Mud Foam contains 0% harsh ingredients (i.e: Salicylic Acid), uses natural Magnolia Bark Extract is gentle, yet effectively combat 10 acne signs without causing skin to get dry, easily irritated and red. Skin is clear and acne free making men 10x more confident.


10 signs of acne include bacteria, blackheads and whiteheads, blemish, dark acne spots, red marks, enlarged pores, acne scars, oiliness, dull skin, uneven skin.


NIVEA MEN. It starts with YOU.


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Start looking good today, good luck boys! 😉