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It’s the time of the year O N C E A G A I N !

My heartiest gratitude to God who gives us another wonderful year to live in. Therefore, another merry jolly Christmas to celebrate with all our loved ones.

Thank YOU. :’)

The girls and I were cordially invited by the esteemed WeChat Group Malaysia for an early Christmas celebration just last few days ago at one of Klang Valley hotspots – Remedy Plus at the Scotts Garden.

Honeybun Jacs, Bell and I went together. To our pleasant surprise, the whole bar restaurant was pretty much full and crowded with people upon our arrival that night. Guests were having fun cheering, drinking and eating their mouth-watering buffet spread. Luckily we got ourselves a VIP spot next to those dart machines after bumping into a friend Daniel who was already there earlier. Otherwise, we could be having an awkward moment standing there in the middle of the party scene like lost little kittens.

Yup. That is how crazy packed and happening Remedy Plus was! 😀

In conjunction with Christmas and New Year, WeChat and The Remedy are offering WeChat users a special promo of BUY 1st pint of beer at RM18 and get 2nd pint for ABSOLUTELY FREE!

The promotion will be running from the 19th December 2013 until 2nd January 2014.

All you have to do is to follow the Remedy Official Account – WeChat ID: TheRemedyKL or scan the QR code above and click on the pop up message to redeem.

Then, flash your voucher to the cashier or staff when your beers are served. That is it! 😉

Little miss devil who looked extremely adorable with her new fringe!

Our party accessories that night, everything X’mas is L O V E.

And the cutest little snowman that blinks and glows!

Our exclusive spot with our very own dart machine!

Happy Jacs brought along her precious pouch of darts to play with. Very well-prepared I see! Laughing

Another pre-birthday treat + celebration with honeybuns Bell!

A bubbly toast together and wishing her the best in everything. *many hugs and kisses*

Couldn’t be more merrier without these two. Much love! *smooch*

www.jacsafterparty.com // www.isabellakuan.com

Hurry up and gather your friends at The Remedy and Remedy Plus, Scott Garden to redeem the great offer! It’s an opportunity not to be missed for sure.


Have a fun merry jolly Christmas this year pumpkins! We have pretty much gotten through the supposedly “end of the world” year, definitely worth a celebration I think? Laughing


God bless. x