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A surprised exclusive invitation by Triumph Malaysia earlier this year for a fitting at their Pavilion boutique to try out the latest ‘Shape Sensation’, an ultimate lace shaper that shouts “Femininity is Strength” collection.

A reflection of its true German heritage and expertise in quality and fit, Triumph is popularly known to make women shine and look their best! Their products are tailored specifically and in all details to meet the needs of the Asian body structure and wearing preferences. They are the Tailors of Female Confidence, crafting and innovating high quality lingerie since 1886.

Today, Triumph is proud to present to us ladies the all new ‘Shape Sensation’ that strives to achieve the perfect blend of external feminine appeal and inner self-confidence which is an essential element in the success of today’s modern women. Dynamic, intuitive women of today already understand that femininity is strength!


It was a pleasure to meet up with Elaine from Triumph Malaysia for the ‘Shape Sensation’ fitting that lovely afternoon and I was also introduced to a saleslady there who explained to me more about the product and how it works on our body.

Every woman’s figure is unique. But no matter how fantastic we look, women still feel imperfect and try every means to look F L A W L E S S. After measuring 2800 women in Malaysia, Triumph Malaysia found the percentage split in their bodyshapes, namely Y, S, I, O, A shape.

That’s why Triumph – a brand loved by women all over the world for constantly endeavoring to make women feel special and bring them sensual new confidence – has created the glamorously fashionable ‘Shape Sensation’ collection.

I was first asked to have an overall measurement to see which category of body shape do I fall into during the fitting.

And well. . . I ended up in the 2nd most popular body shape group – ‘A’, quite sadly. It’s time to give it a try and see how helpful ‘Shape Sensation’ is. 🙂

Parkson Pavilion has one of the nicest fitting rooms and I’ve always felt comfortable there especially when it comes to lingerie fittings.

Totally obsessed with the mini fitting stage

They then helped me measure again after I’ve put on the shaping dress. Amazing result I must say. Never hesitate to try if you have the intention, really!

Fits perfectly. Tight enough to shape your figure, and NEVER uncomfortable. It actually feels so good that I don’t mind wearing it all day long!


It is every woman’s dream to fall in the ‘S’ category and if you are not born with it, much effort are definitely needed to achieve that dream figure that we’ve been dying for. Constantly working out and having a balance diet are no doubt imperative, but a good body shaper like ‘Shape Sensation’ can give you the instant fix for a curvier body just to fit into your perfect dress for that special occasion in no time!

Believe me, I have tried and it gave me at least a centimeter smaller on my waist and hips! Most importantly, the amazing result that helps HIDE those annoying BULGES on your body, giving you the perfect figure and confidence in public.


Delivering captivating curve control and catwalk fashion appeal, the lacy new series has perfectly mastered the fusion of strength and softness, co-presenting an exciting fashion display and a tribute to the many facets of women of our century. Supportive, chic and incredibly elegant, with a unique balance of strength and softness, the eye-catching new collection offers a blend of qualities to empower women as it highlights their natural beauty and contemporary feminine edge.

Incredibly sensual by design, yet offering strong function and body-shaping benefits, this season’s collection has been crafted from innovative two-way stretch Lycra lace that secretly smoothes and defines body contours whilst also imparting stunning visual appeal. Its amazing stretch and recovery ability offers strong shaping and support, yet still comfortable to wear all day long.

The renowned ‘ultimate curve creator’ has majestically morphed into the ‘ultimate lace shaper’, bringing with is a trendy new aura and vibrant, confidence-building beauty – a glamorous new fashion statement! The innovative shaping lace offers high function curve control, yet is soft and comfy to wear. It gives you ultimate support in every occasion and a sleek silhouette under the latest fashion.

A key highlight of this collection is the Ultimate Lace Shaping Bra, featuring hidden bones, high side panels and an attractive U-back design for added stability and the elimination of unnecessary bulges which we all NEED. The result, of course, a SLIMMER, more streamlined look, that looks good under any form of outerwear, projecting a more confident self!

Another highlight is the Ultimate Lace Bodydress that promises to down AT LEAST one dress-size! Shaping laces with an amazing centralizing effect creates an unbelievable cleavage. An unique inverted-V at the dress-front even allows you to wear it under short dresses, skirts and pants!

As the latest curve collection from Triumph, these ‘must-have’ pieces instantly transform your body from front-to-back for a heavenly smooth finish and a sleeker silhouette. Shape Sensation is truly a new dimension in fashion-worthy shapewear. Treat yourself to the ‘Shape Sensation’ advantage and discover the secret that every insightful woman knows – “Femininity is Strength!” No matter what shape, size or individual figure concerns, there is a selection of styles waiting to mould your dream figure. For more specific recommendations on the best ‘Shape Sensation’ choices for you, do visit Triumph’s website at www.triumph.asia/laceshaper/


The ‘Shape Sensation’ collection is available in all major departmental stores and Triumph boutiques. Prices start from RM329.90.

My little secret, ‘Shape Sensation’!

Beauty Love Share, Esty.