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Asian women define “a perfect facial line” as the V-line face, which is formed from the ears to the chin.

“Is there any other effective way to make a V-line face than surgical operations?”

Woo-jeong Kim, the founder and CEO of REGEN Medical Group, started to research and develop cosmetic products effective for making beautiful facial lines as well as skin textures when dermatologic clinics poured out skin-care products.

Based on many experience and characteristics as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Kim finally launched Regen Cosmetic, Korea’s first cosmetics brand for facial contours.

As of now, Regen Cosmetic is at the very center of the V-line fever, not only in Korea but in Asian countries.

Regen Cosmetic developed after much research on various facial contours is now placed as Korea’s ONLY and unique brand for facial contours!

Lucky lucky me! Hermo Malaysia, the most exclusive online agent that carries top branded cosmetic products from Korea has sent me their popular REGEN Synergy Effect Masks to try. These are the EXACT masks that many Korean surgeons and cosmetic clinics have been using on their patients and clients.


There are four types of these REGEN Synergy Effect V-Masks: The Moisturizing, Pores Care, Whitening, as well as Wrinkles Care. The ingredients can be found in each of the mask below.

I have always been told that it is utmost important to keep our skin hydrated at all times. Hence, I decided to get my hands on the Moisturizing mask first before I start with the others in the coming days.

There are two parts of mask in a packet. “Step one” – I tore up the upper part first, gently placed it on my face and evenly spread out over my cheeks and forehead.

It got a little bit out of hand at first as the mask is filled with a generous amount of essence in it and I had to quickly lay it out on my face as the essence was dripping all over my bed. There was so much of it I was even able to apply it on my neck and massage thoroughly to let it absorb.

The second part of the mask was the fun part! Also “The Step Two”.

There are two holes on one end and the other. Just tear away the thin slip on the surface and hook it on one of your ears, followed by the opposite ear. Now, sink it and let your face have a good 20minutes rest while waiting for the mask to work its magic!

This is when I felt that my chin line was gently pulled to the back of my ears underneath that mask, while the upper part of my face was soaked in rich essence and I was able to feel the deep moisturizing effect.

Clean crisp skin after REGEN’s “2 Step Synergy Effect Mask”.

It was utterly incredible! The contour care was effective, I can feel it instantly on my skin. Not to mention, the skin elasticity has no doubt improved too!

Many suggest that it is very significant to often have a facial mask at least once or twice a week to keep your skin from aging and most importantly, from sagging. And with this magnificent Synergy masks that focus on contour + elasticity care, we can now have a better and a more visible result of youthful-looking skin!

Check out their YouTube link here

Can’t wait to try?

You can now purchase them here at Hermo Malaysia, the exclusive e-store for REGEN. Price of the masks are as above.

The happy me after trying my first Synergy Mask, get yours today!


❤ Beauty Love Share, Esty.