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Not quite a tech or gadget person, but when it comes to TV it definitely attract my attention as much as fashion. I am a very homely kind of person. If there is no particular need or reason to head outside, I will prefer to stay at home all day long. Or sometimes, all week long! I like to snuggle comfortable on the couch facing a big screen TV, with my laptop nicely placed on my lap and a cup of coffee on the coffee table just so I can work while watching my favourite drama at once. Couch potato, they say.

When Tim, my manager told me that there will be a Panasonic Smart VIERA TV launch at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre to attend on the 27th of March 2013, I did not hesitate and agreed right away. The thing is, I went TV and sound system shopping with J two months back and I realized that televisions nowadays are totally different than what we used to watch cartoons with when we were kids. It is way way way more than that now. Hence, I was very much eager to know what special features Panasonic VIERA is going to offer to us consumers this time.

There are two different types of TVs in the Panasonic Smart VIERA range – Plasma and LED. Both have similar features and both have their own strengths.

For 2013, the Smart VIERA series of TVs were developed based on five pillars of evolution, namely easy operation, networking, better picture quality, eco-friendly (energy saving) and an updated modern design. The key concept for this new line-up is called “Smart VIERA Made Easy” which emphasizes on smart technology made easy for the regular consumer and not just techies. While ensuring that the smart technology is easy to operate, the new range of Smart VIERA TVs can also be personalized to meet the individual’s needs thereby creating a much better user experience.