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The development of CellAct products are based on intensive scientific and technological research with proven international level achievements. CellAct Cellular Treatment Skincare is governed by Switzerland’s stringent quality control, renowned to be the highest of worldwide standards CellAct products are carefully developed based on a blend of different plant cell extracts, DNA, proteins and use only pure glacial water in all formulations. CellAct products are also microbiologically and dermatological safety tested. This sets CellAct apart from other conventional cosmetics in the market.

A much needed pampering session with pretty Bell over the weekends. Many thanks to Ann’s Beauty House for inviting us to try out their STAR treatment! Well to be honest, I am usually not a big fan of facial treatments, but the star treatment they offered was awesomely good I kid you not! I even felt like going back over and over again. 😀