Very long overdue, for E V E R Y T H I N G.

I miss blogging still, but it takes a lot of effort and time to do it. Hence I’m gonna try sum up a photobook of all eventful pics throughout the year.

Let’s start with the very first month of 2014. My Korea winter trip with J. 🙂


Business, AAX.

…and I sang lullaby ^^ shhh!

Renaissance Gangnam, Seoul.

First night.

Premium beef for our welcoming dins

Group pic after

…and another side

1 tomato, 2 tomato, 3 tomato and one J.

Where we stay

Breakfast in bed the next day, while waiting for J to come back from his test court training.

Lunch was at a newly-opened restaurant just down the street.

Everything was so good there we went back again and again for the next few days!

Walked into a decent-looking cafe lounge and we decided to give a try

Our Tiramisu and coffee


Socks and boots

Another meaty dinner

Spakling gold flakes on the beef we ordered

Turned tomato again after one glass of Soju + beer

Thank you for being the best tour guide, dongseng love.


Can’t live without my rings

Gangnam by night

So happy we bumped into big grandpa bear!

Gangnam Finance Centre, the GFC mall.

Fell into this treasure instrument. Wish I can bring it home!

Oppa. ^^

Went shopping with Jamie the next day!

Brunch first, and we were served with a warm bowl of soup upon arrival.

Bean sprouts, bean sprouts and more bean sprouts!

Stylenanda headquarters is a MUST visit!

I went crazy all over, especially with their cosmetics.

One of the best brands in the market

The first batch of stuff that I got before adding more and more in the next few days.

Happy kid, i was!

Jamie darling brought me to this spectacular cafe in Seoul

Warm water was first served under the cold weather

and also clean throws that keep you warm 🙂

My hot cuppa

and this lip-smacking pancake dessert that I ordered! TOO GOOD.

Keepin’ the jackets on at all times. Ahhh…the freezy January!

Bunny sweater and my favourite furry hat that i got from Seoul few years back.

New boots from Stylenanda!

J brought me to visit the N Seoul Tower.

and that was the day when we saw snow!! It was so beautiful.

We were cold and hungry and there was only this small little restaurant at the cable car station up on the hill.

To our surprise, the food served was heart-warmingly good.

Every dish was cooked up by this kind ahjuma and she kept making sure that we are very well fed at all times! Really felt like we were dining at her house itself.

The tower yay! First Eiffel, then N Seoul and hopefully more to come.

Perhaps I should include the Twin Tower in KL too eh? 😛

Look at those fat padlock trees!

More along the dock bridge

and here’s ours! The second padlock after the one in Paris. :’)

Silhouette love

So happy that there was still Christmas tree back in the city although Christmas just passed by a week and a half ago before our trip

The shopping street filled with beauty and fashion products from all brands

Korean haul

Couldn’t get enough of this. They have the best sleeping mask no doubt!

That’s it for now. Peace out!


Will blog more soon.


Love, e.