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Besides applying the usual A-Z daily routine products on our clean naked face before heading out, one thing for sure to keep your complexion looking fresh, warm and lively is to color your lips with a hint of pinkish red. To me, this is certainly one of the most important keys to make my skin naturally glow even though I have no intention to put any other make-up on.


When it comes to coloring the lips, waxy lipsticks seem to be the only option for most of us girls. I am never a huge fan of lipsticks. Or any other lip glosses even. They are definitely a huge NO NO for me. If I were to ask to put on a rather thick make-up by any make-up artist during cosmetic launching events, the lipstick that’s applied on my lips will always be the first on my list to be wiped off.

I dislike the stickiness, I hate the waxy smell and I loathe the taste of it even more.

Same goes to lip glosses as well. Feels like a patch of sticky glue being applied on my suffocating lips and they could not even move properly whenever I want to talk.

Furthermore, I love pecking my girlfriends’ cheeks or lips when we are having fun at parties. Imagine them kissing my cheeks when they have a full lipstick and lip glosses on, awfully leaving that sticky patch of stain on my clean and powdery cheeks…eeee yuckssss! Likewise, I will never want to dirty their pretty face either.

Besides, I certainly do not think that leaving a lip stain on any glasses or serviettes is sexy.

That’s errr.. slutty? Undecided