❤ Desserts




“Stressed is Desserts spelled backwards.”

Well then what’s better than lying back on a comfortable white couch with colorful pillows around while reading your favorite book by your adored author in a cosy and quiet spot?


And most importantly with a table full of desserts as your company and a cuppa hot latte for you to sip routinely.  Now you can’t do that in a library can you? 🙂


I found just the perfect place!

The Huckleberry.


Located right in the middle of the flipping pages for all ages – Times Bookstore, Bangsar Shopping Centre.


Yup! Never enough. *grins*


The cosy surroundings.

You can either choose to become a couch potato or sit up straight gracefully at the dining table.


The delectable attraction!


Huckleberry’s business card.


Varieties of colorful dessert for you to choose.


The bunting that says it all.


Cute boxes for you to take away the desserts.


Empty glasses waiting to be filled with caffeinated beverages.


I would certainly love to have a coffee maker like this in my room.


Can’t wait to order as much as I can.


Bickford’s Old Style Sodas!


Comes in different flavors.

 Lemon Lime seems refreshing! 🙂


Which one would you prefer?


My hot cup of Latte



Bickford’s Sarsaparilla



Beef Rendang Cornish Pasty



Spinach and Bacon Quiche



 Classic Chocolate Cake

RM9 per slice


Humming Bird Cake

RM9 per slice


Banana & Raisin Bread Pudding with Cream Anglaise



Baked Cheese cake RM8, Guinness Chocolate Cake RM9, Lemon Mousse Pot RM6.


Mille Crepe that comes in 3 flavors.

Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate.

RM9 per slice



Forget love. I would rather fall in this! 🙂


“A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand”.

What more I have three monster ones? *grins*

Whooppie Pie RM5


Colourful Maccaroons



They look like giant candies, don’t they? 🙂


And a cup of hot Cappuccino to end my little dessert buffet.







Back to “Eclipse” before the motion picture starts showing in the cinemas next month!

Ahh..I’m sucha fan of the Twilight saga.