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“Rice Dumpling Festival or Dragon Boat Festival falls on the 5th day of the 5th month on the lunar calendar and is widely a celebrated festival amongst the Chinese, to pay respect to the patriotic poet, Qu Yuan.


The rice dumplings are glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves or lotus leaves with an assortment or fillings or just simply without filling. They could be just white rice dumpling or brown.


In celebration of this annual festival, Toh Lee Chinese Restaurant’s Dim Sum Chef Lo Tian Sion has concocted three different variations to add a touch of difference to this occasion: Mutli Grain Glutinous Rice Dumpling; Rendang Chicken and Shrimp Floss Dumpling and ‘Kwai Far’ Dumpling with Imo and Vanilla Ice Cream.”


– Hotel Nikko Kuala Lumpur.





Now, ever wonder how rice dumplings are made?

Lucky me! I was given a great opportunity to experience the art of making rice dumpling with none other the renowned Chef Lo himself.

Everything was very well prepared before we arrived.

The overall ingredients for Multi Grain Glutinous Rice Dumpling.

The Lotus Leaf is a must.


Let’s see what do we have here!

1. Multi Grain Rice

2. Glutinous Rice

3. Roasted Duck Meat

4. Roasted BBQ Chicken Meat

5. Salted Egg Yolk

6. Peeled Chestnut

7. Dried Scallop

8. Sea Cucumber

9.. Mushroom

10. Dried Shrimp

11. Lotus Leaf

12. Bamboo Leaf

13. Salt

14. Ginger Powder

15. Five Spices Powder

16. Cooking oil

Drooling yet?

Well I am!

The gloves to keep our dirty hands off the food!

Chef Lo getting ready to start the class.

I found it quite difficult and uncomfortable to wear them actually.

I am not very good at cooking but it was not that bad.

Pretty easy I must say.

Not to mention so much fun too!


Everything on the bamboo leaves, and the Lotus leaf as the base.

Wrapped up in a pillow shape.

Now the tying up part is really NOT easy!

Make sure it’s secure.

I failed miserably, and the master chef himself had to come over and help me tie up my huge pillow dumpling.

That’s my rice dumpling over there! *giggles*


I have a perfect one too.

Our pillow dumplings are ready to be boiled for SEVEN hours!




And no. It’s not finished yet!

Guess what’s next?

Table cleared, and hotel chefs brought out new ingredients for the next dumpling.

Here we have…

1. Osmanthus

2. Peanut

3. Roasted Sesame

4. Brown Sugar

5. Water

6. Glutinous Rice Flour

7. Wheat Flour

Mixing all the ingredients together.

Those roasted nuts smelled really good, ya know? *grins*

The chef then taught us how to wrap it up in a ball.

Edward was paying full attention.

Mine done!

Now the DIFFICULT part.

Using one piece of bamboo leaf to wrap the dumpling into a triangle shape.

Nicely wrapped and ready to be steamed.




Last but not least!

Here we have the ingredients to make Imo (Sweet Potato).

1. Mashed Sweet Potato

2. Glutinous Rice Flour

3. Shortening

Mixing the sweet potato with glutinous rice flour together.

Then, mould them into balls.

Balls of Sweet Potatoes!

Fried till golden brown!

It will be ready soon!

There! Golden brown Imos.





Class’ over!

We were then led to Nikko Hotel’s Toh Lee Chinese Restaurant to have some rice dumpling indulgence.

The grand entrance.

I smell fooooooooooooood!

Dining tables properly aligned and nicely decorated.

With an antique vase in between.

Master Chef Lo.

Table settings.

Boiled Garoupa Fillet, Poaced Egg and Coriander Leaf Soup.


Multi Grain Glutinous Rice Dumpling.

*My eyes aiming at those juicy mushrooms*

Ooo…the ingredients in it!

Time to dig in!!

Century Egg Wedges, Pickled Ginger and Jellyfish with 80 year old Balsamic.

Century egg and jellyfish are always my favorite.

Steamed Marble Goby or Bamboo Fish.

Extremely fresh!

Deep fried scallops with Egg Floss and Oats.

Mmm…everyone loves it!

Stir-fried Siew Bak Choy.

Traditional Peking Duck with condiments.

The steaming basket.

Nicely wrapped.

The skin of the Peking Duck and other condiments in it were so delicious.

Not to mention the mouth-watering sauce that paired so well!

“Kwai Far” Dumpling with Imo and Vanilla Ice-cream.

Strawberry too!

Baked Cream Brulee with King Fruit Flavour.

This is Heaven!

Witchy Witch and I, fully contented and feeling satisfied after the great dinner.

Beautiful Rice Dumplings nicely placed in a dessert gift box for us to bring back home! *grins*






To experience The Art of Making Rice Dumpling…

Here’s your opportunity to learn from the master at the one-day hands-on Rice Dumpling Culinary Class on 5th June at 10.00am at Toh Lee Chinese Restaurant.

And the good news is that a prize will be giving out for the ‘Best Wrapped Dumpling’ as adjudged by the Chef at the end of the class.

Price: RM100++ per person inclusive of recipe booklet and Dim Sum set lunch.

To reserve your place, call +603 2782 6188.


Go have fun! I’m sure you’ll love it too. *winks*