A lovely Sunday well spent two weeks ago, before J heads off to Taiwan for his tournament the next day. And we decided to bring the furbaby out for a little pampering! Look how happy she was 🙂

Hype has been going on for quite a while now. . .and we finally got the time to try the much-publicized Antipodean in Bangsar after dropping Bubbles off at her grooming centre. Finding a car park bay in between the rows of Telawi street has always been a headache, everyday. Luckily we found one just right opposite the cafe after a few rounds of cruise-spotting (I nearly gave up but J seemed to have more patience and faith). And we were even luckier to have an empty table that fits perfectly for two upon our arrival despite the crazy queue right outside the cafe! So there we were. . .making ourselves comfortable under the cozy weather after the waiter took down our orders, trying my best to ignore those furious stares from that cranky line not far from our table. But you see, it wasn’t really our fault that they came in a bigger group right? Big tables are all occupied, only the little ones left.