• Advertorial

A surprised exclusive invitation by Triumph Malaysia earlier this year for a fitting at their Pavilion boutique to try out the latest ‘Shape Sensation’, an ultimate lace shaper that shouts “Femininity is Strength” collection.

A reflection of its true German heritage and expertise in quality and fit, Triumph is popularly known to make women shine and look their best! Their products are tailored specifically and in all details to meet the needs of the Asian body structure and wearing preferences. They are the Tailors of Female Confidence, crafting and innovating high quality lingerie since 1886.

Today, Triumph is proud to present to us ladies the all new ‘Shape Sensation’ that strives to achieve the perfect blend of external feminine appeal and inner self-confidence which is an essential element in the success of today’s modern women. Dynamic, intuitive women of today already understand that femininity is strength!